An Invite-Only Event on the Future of Venture Capital

Venture Capital is undergoing a renaissance. New platforms, models & strategies for early-stage funding are rapidly transforming an ecosystem in desperate need of innovation. Over the last 10 years, venture returns have been dismal, early-stage funds have withered, and even public equity markets have beaten private funds to a pulp. Ironically, an institution that was created to drive scalability was doing anything but—and it became venture capital that lacked innovation and efficiency.

For 500+ accredited & active investors only, PreMoney is a one-day conference, produced by 500 Startups, about the most disruptive strategies, models, & technologies for the future of venture capital. Featuring the world’s most forward-thinking investors, PreMoney will provide attendees with insight and tactics for building successful, scalable venture portfolios that are just as innovative as the companies they finance.


> Get the Inside Track on undercurrents in the rapidly shifting venture industry
> Get Connected to the world’s leading VCs, fund managers, and game-changers
> Build Successful, Scalable Portfolios via new models, platforms, + strategies


> Moneyball for Startups: A quantitative approach to early-stage tech investing
> Accelerators & Incubators: The mechanics of investing via accelerator programs
> Micro-VC: Why its really just a return to traditional VC investing
> Legal & Accounting 2.0: Using online tools for portfolio metrics & management
> Emerging Market Tech: The huge opportunities in international venture capital
> The LP ‘POV’: What LPs look for in innovative + emerging fund managers
> Late & Expansion Stage Innovation: How late-stage funds are continuing to innovate
> West Coast vs. Wall Street: A shift to operationally experienced managers over i-bankers
> Send me an Angel: Case studies from tech’s most successful angel investors
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